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The Makana Edutourism website ( remains a popular site, with the average ‘hit rate’ per month increasing from 10,201 (Jul-Dec 2010), through 14,801 (2011) and 17,042 (2012), to 29,421 (2013) and 21,755 (2014) – an average growth of 38.0%pa over the past four and a half years.

MEP Hits 2010-2015
The current average ‘hit rate’ for the first quarter of 2015 (Jan-Mar) stands at 68,077 - a monthly average of 22,692 'hits'.

The most popular downloads from the site, in 2013 and 2014, are the list of schools in Grahamstown and Makana, the MEP Calendar, the MEP Mission and Vision, and the various Routes (mostly Dirt Routes) developed for the BMW Bike Fest.

The Makana Edutourism Facebook (makana-edutourism) page has grown from 23 ‘likes’ to 147 ‘likes’ by the end of March 2015. The majority (85.6%) of all unique users (with known locations) that ‘like’ the MEP Facebook page are based in South Africa, where almost two-thirds (63.7%) are Eastern Cape residents, principally from Makana (46.6%). Fans based in other countries (14.4%) hail from North America (4.1%) and, in equal part, from Africa, Europe, and Asia (3.4%).

MEP Facebook 2014-15

The MEP Twitter (@MakanaEdutouris) page has grown to 214 ‘followers’ and is occasionally used to promote local events and news.

Makana Edutourism created a Pinterest ( page in April 2014 to further augment the MEP’s social networking reach and capacity. Currently the Pinterest boards have 19 ‘followers’ and 160 ‘likes’.

All business or organisational members are updated to the MEP website and, where applicable, are ‘liked’ and/or ‘followed’ on the MEP’s social networking platforms of Facebook and Twitter.

To sign up as a new member and/or to advertise on the MEP website, visit the MEP Membership page under “Contact” and download the MEP membership information and the application form and the MEP webtising information, which includes layout options and rates.

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Date : Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

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